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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

carta hati

Friend, Love and Everything :)

I spend most of my time with those cool people.

If you're listed, then you're lucky.

Sebab bukan senang ni nak lepak sama. HAHA.

okay jom kita tengok carta Hati kita !

1. my family ( my mom and family are very important to me and I know that this is not expected )

2. nurul hidayah abdullah sani  one’s best friend is oneself )

4. farhah atikah zainuddin

6. him he loves me enough always, but most importantly - not when I need him too )

22. HIM's family

25. sesiapa saja yang mengenali diri ini :)

Only God knows how much i miss them.
We'll find some times okay sweethearts ?

Love you all :)

Thanks for reading this boring entry.

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